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01 November 2012 @ 10:12 pm
Dear Faithful!  Welcome to the Allabout Faith community.  This is place for everybody to come together and talk about our beloved "Faith".  Please feel free to repost your old entries that you would like to share as well as anything new that you are writing on this topic.  
18 February 2013 @ 11:23 am
I started to play The Sims 3 again and while I am putting the finishing touches to my Japanese world Iwo Shiro I wanted to create Japanese Sims ... and what did I end up with?

See for yourself.

They all still need a little bit of tweaking, esp. Gongmin and Nogook but I'm slowly putting together a Faith/신의 cast to play Hanogi/Museaka's 경복궁세상 (Gyeongbok Palace World) (Oh gosh it's amazing!!! Like all her other Korean themed worlds - there is even a simmified version of Seoul).
And I found the most wonderful hanboks so I can also play with little simmified versions of Saddo and Arang as well as the cast of The Princess Man, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Queen In-Hyun's Man :)
05 November 2012 @ 09:40 pm

As some of you might have already heard from various forums and blogs, the original script from writer Song contained a scene that explains what helped Choi Young survive his near death freezing experience: 
Eun Soo, picked up another bottle of Aspirin, when she briefly visited Seoul.  When she went back through the portal to 100 before Young’s time, she returned to the field where she left him and planted the aspirin bottle with the seeds of yellow flowers.   In his time, in the field of flowers, dying Choi Young felt raindrops on his face and remembered how Eun Soo talked about liking that, which gave him strength. His hand is extended to the yellow mums.  He felt something, he looks and discovers an open aspirin bottle. He pulls it out, meanwhile his heartbeat is getting steadier.  He compares it to the bottle he has and realizes that Eun Soo left it for him to let him know that she is OK and will be coming back to him. 


With a renewed sense of hope, the general started toward the gate, only to realize that if Eun Soo planted an aspirin bottle for him, she might have already gone through the Heaven’s door back in time.  However, he needed to make sure for himself, he wanted to see it with his own eyes.  So he headed to the portal, still dizzy and weak, each step heavy with fear that what he understood in his mind, might actually come true – she would not be there.  
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He could not bring himself to return to the room freshly holding her presence.  He was afraid of seeing the remnants of her – the floor which recalled her steps, medicine jars she touched, her Woodalchi armor, her hair brush, clothes, jewelry, and worst of all the bed, where she slept, which still held her warmth and the smell of her body, the pillow filled with the fragrance of her hair.  He went directly to their special place.  Sitting down by the railing, weary from the journey and the emotional exhaustion, he has fallen into a deep dark sleep, only to be awakened by somebody’s touch.  “Imja,” – bright and hopeful he opened his eyes, turned to disappointment, finding his aunt next to him.  She had the most concerned expression he has ever seen on her face: “How are you?  They told me I might find you here.”
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He stepped through the threshold of the door.  It was not as bad as he expected.  In fact, happy and painful memories were both his friends.  He welcomed them as they would be his only companions for a while.  That first night, he did not sleep in his bed, he sat on the floor, only resting his head on the pillow.  “Imja, good night,”- he whispered. With time, it became easier and easier.  He developed habits and routines that balanced his solitary activities with affairs of the state.   Somehow, he naturally started having daily conversations with her, going to their meeting place, he would tell her about his thoughts, feelings, and worries, consult about his decisions, and, in general, just to keep her upraised of his life. 
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03 October 2012 @ 12:31 pm

Omo! Omo! Omo! Ep16 of FAITH was just as good as ep15. The political struggles, the backstabbing, the squaring off between the two parties it was all there and in the middle of it a love that transcendents time and place. It's good that it is all now coming together and that we can see a development of characters on all fronts. And we realize that despite all the shippers' prayers that Choi Young will never go with Eun Soo to the 21st century. Aww my babies!!! But there is hope yet .. and that letter that Eun Soo wrote to herself (WHEN???) and we hope that she will get there in time to save our favourite Woodalchi General.

I loved the scenes where he is nursing her and then when she is better of course she has to argue with him again. I loved how much he just wants to tie her up and gag her and never let her out of his sight and yet he knows by doing so he would break her spirit and in the end he is the one who accompanies her into the lion's den. They fit so wonderfully and it is heart breaking to know that - unless Eun Soo either stays or comes back to Goryeo - there is no way they will ever live together. And they both know it and try to spent as much time together as possible while at the same time try to keep up with the political upheaval. They know that putting their romance onto the back burner will eventually hurt them but things are more important than this ... because all their future is on the line here and Eun Soo knows that Choi Young wouldn't be the man she knows and loves if he would turn his back on the king. As well as EUn Soo knows that her future might look different if she interferes even further.

It is crazy how much this series affects me (and not only me judging from the ppl on my facebook and livejournal lists), while the romance is at the heart of the drama, it's not the center and takes a back seat to the political struggles as well. Because and despite his love for Eun Soo, Choi Young becomes a better man and warrior.

And I have this ÜBER-huge crush on Lee Min Ho. In Boys over FLowers I was like Wtf? - City HUnter (still have to watch ep 19 & 20) he was absolutely cool and sexy but as Choi Young? He just breaks my heart.

There is so much right about this whole series, the characters, the setting, even the tentative love story that doesn't need any physical manifestation (even though we fans crave it), it's all there to enjoy, to swoon over and to cry at - and figuring out atrocious ways for the bad guys to end their lives :)

I just just wuv this series!!
02 October 2012 @ 12:28 pm

FAITH - watching it raw (subs be damned)
Man you unleashed a dragon there you stupid f#ck! Do you really think he will keep you alive when the month is up? Even if you are king by then?
Omo!Omo!OMO!!! He fights his own boys (Geesh I hope the Woodalchi only fight on half their steam because they fight Choi Young and not because they are incompetent)

Only a month? Then the gate will close? And Choi Young thinking about accompanying Eun Soo to Seoul!! Yes, please do!!!

Oh!! OH !!!! I love those two, I just want to wrap them up in a bubble and make it all better!!!

Oh and Central Advisor? You must die a slow and very painful death!

AISH!!! I hate writer ahjussis ahjumma!!! I need more!!!
27 September 2012 @ 12:27 pm

Picture Eun Soo sitting at the table of the Suribang HQ and ranting and behaving like a mad woman .. that is ME!!!!

How dare they??? WOOOT???? This series is so awesome in so many ways and I could just kill those writers for doing this to me, rendering me speechless and gibbering like an old fool.

Ep14 was awesome ... although I really, REALLY hate Ki Cheol now and that other stupid prince as well ...and those scholars!!!! DIE ALL a bug infested death!!!

Eun Soo and Choi Young are sooooo married!!! That little scene with the rice soup bowl? Darling!!! Our Boy General falls more and more and I fear he will do something really stupid to keep her safe and get her back to her own time line ... So, boyo, if you have to do something really stupid, go with her to the 21st cent., become a stunt coordinator for sageuks AND MAKE BEAUTIFUL BABIES WITH EUN SOO!!!!! Damn it. I love that pair soo soo much. And that hug ... oh that hug ... it's just .. oh-uh-ung ...

As for the bromance ... loved the little shake of the head of Choi Young towards the king, telling him not to show any weakness by finding him not guilty. What exactly does our General have in store, you wonderful woobie?

And that last scene ... Omo!! Omo!! OMO!!! Please ... please ... please .. let her be alright and they can flee together and ... as I said I want babies off those two :P
Or at least some more skinship!!! A few little hints ... the fan fic writers will do the rest :P

What kills me in this ep is the fact that although all of us fan girls got a bit of happy happy moments (and hugging and gazing deeply into each other's eyes), we also got the other shoe dropped ... and in a HUMONGOUS way. I love the fact that the frozen warrior is gone and that Choi Young allows himself to actually watch and enjoy Eun-Soo instead of only watching over her. It seems as if he is trying to fill up his soul and memory with images of her so he won't forget her once she is gone (esp. in reference to Mae-Hee, Ninja girl):
Also the relationship to his king, who feels so helpless and angry at the accusations thrown at Choi Young and Choi Young is just staring at his 'brother in arms' and gives the slightest shakes of his head. He is confident that he will find a way to be both truthful and useful to the king and if that means labouring in an iron mill for one year, so be it. But now the pressure for time is on, and he wants Eun Soo returned to her own world before he is thrown into the iron mill.

Ki Cheol is right, he has unleashed the tiger to run down the fox and I'm not quite so sure that the fox is Gongmin anymore. Ki Cheol might be the tiger's prey in the long end, though I wish he would just be hit by a stroke and be done with it.

As for Central Advisor, die you stupid f##k!!! Doing this for the greatness of Goryeo and King, my butt!! You do it for your own greedy self and those illusions of grandeur you are having. First you were too cowardly to walk through the Heavenly Door and you made Gongmin sent Choi Young, then you complain that a) Choi Young is a killing machine (while continuously saving your stupid fat butt) and that b) Choi Young is dangerous to the king. Die, you old wanker!

Usually at this point I get very hedgy and try to avoid watching the following eps because #1 drama rule in Korea: One moment of happiness for the main couple equals hours of anguish and sadness for them. ARGH!!!
Housebreaking Shoes and review writing... Ah The life!!

Considering the general thought about the final episode becoming a great battle between good and evil I find it was actually a chase. A chase filled with heat wrenching, worrisome, and beautiful stops that could not be avoided even if Eun Soo traveled back in time and warned herself of the happenings. The whole series builds up to this magnificently quiet bang of realizations and I hope to make Faith’s Episode 24 some justice with this simple recap.
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05 November 2012 @ 01:40 am
Original Post: Oct. 31st, 2012 at 4:18 AM

I’ve written four posts to describe my feeling while watching this episode. From a simple post, to a complex minute by minute description of this episode along with a condensed theory of blahblahblah… But none of them could really convey my emotions. Instead I told myself: I’ll write a fifth one and that is it!
This came out. And I really like it!


For me this tree, is the Tree of Life. How deeply rooted is our love? He wonders; would it be as deep as the roots of this tree? Had our souls merged in such a bond that her is inside of him, and him lost within her? Would he even know when she returned? But then he turns, the faintest rustling calling his attention and making his heart feel as he had not felt in these past years... and there she is. Her precense glorifing the view and the morning dew, bringing life back to the sore and sensations to the dormant heart that had waited so eagerly. Calm as ever he stands and with a smile, and tears that had been stored with memories for so long, he walks to stand before her; All is well, his heart mumbles in relief, because she is home.

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Original Post: Oct. 26th, 2012 at 2:02 AM

My heart is at peace with this couple now.
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05 November 2012 @ 01:27 am
Because I believe Choi Young would keep a bit of secrecy if he does marry the High Doctor, just to protect her. What would lead to some terrible misunderstandings. I hope you laugh.

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I decided not to watch another drama that isn’t finished. The week long wait, the heavy heart, and this desperate need to know the ending kills my week.
As a matter of fact thanks to Kdramas my life has changed. Read more...Collapse )
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Because I've been wondering what would happen if those two remain together. Honestly; If I don’t get a happy ending with this couple I will stop watching Kdramas and hide in a cave for the rest of my days.
Forgive me please; I have no one to beta this, so it’s fresh out of the oven.
This is part of a series, so expect more. Enjoy!

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Original Post: Oct. 24th, 2012 at 4:15 PM

I’ve been watching the K-Drama The Great Doctor (AKA Faith) since it started in August.
I had no great expectations on this drama, mostly because I have no knowledge about the history of the people of Korea, and I just wanted to see Lee Min Ho in his new drama. After all a role of a fan is to support whatever the actor is doing, right? Boy was I surprised. The story sucked me in that I no longer just care about Lee Min Ho; The story is well written, the characters are awesomely interpreted and the need to find out what the ending for the story will be its driving me insane. Sure there’s the perk of a love story, romance always finds its way to whatever story, but to find out what would happen to the Prince of Court, hw the High Doctor will finally be healed (irony of ironies), and how painful and awesomely slow the death of the King’s Uncle will be… Sorry I let my feeling type there for a moment. IN other words I’m anxious with the ending of this story.
I’ve been following this show from the very beginning and I deserve a happy ending if not I will probably sit down in a corner and cry myself to sleep for a week.
Anyway, the whole point of this silly introduction is as follows: I have created this small corner to talk about Faith, and how awesome it is. Also for fanfics written by yours truly and to simply release my love for this characters. I’m an Imja couple shipper, I love the King and Queen but not as much as Eun Soo and Choi Young, and will try to honor them with my writing.
I hope you enjoy them too!
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I love these ones.  I wish I new who the author was to thank them!

Because they drive me crazy. Inspired by the pulse thing in Episode 12. I don't know why it stuck with me. Sorry for spamming you. This is my only outlet. Lol. Just some fluff.


Eun Soo's eyes fluttered open; a small languid smile touching her lips. Young's arms were wrapped around her from behind, his face buried into her hair. She breathed in, contentment seeping through every fiber of her being.

She looked down at his arms. Her fingers found their way; delicately tracing his skin. She carefully lifted his right hand that had been loosely gripping her waist. Looking up at it, she gently placed her left hand against it, palm to palm, and started tracing the lines and scars. A roughened hand that could be so tender... Her fingers slid further down and stopped at his wrist, feeling his pulse point. She closed her eyes slowly, another smile blooming on her lips.

Her smile widened slightly and his deep voice whispered, "Why do you do that?"

She untangled herself from his embrace and he grudgingly let go. Hugging the sheets to her, she lay on her stomach and looked at him. Taking his hand, she found his pulse point again. The smile still on her lips. His eyes took all of her in as he waited for her answer.
"Jang Bin once taught me about the different kinds of pulses," she finally answered, a wistful look fleetingly appearing on her expressive face. He lifted his left hand, fingertips touching her cheek. Her eyes softened at him. She continued. "He said there are twenty-four kinds. Each one a different feeling. Had a hard time learning about them at first, but I got it. Painfully slow though."

She gave a grin and as always, he can't help but smile back. His hand went from her cheek to her bare shoulder; his thumb rubbing small circles on her skin.

"The thing is, feeling yours... I was always able to get it. Every nuance, every subtle change. And I don't know, it's like, I can feel it. Feel you..." She met his intent gaze. "I can feel your heart."

A playful smirk from him. "Isn't that the point?"

Eun Soo narrowed her eyes and pretended to want to bite his hand; his gaze slowly growing intense.

"You know what I mean." Her gaze returned to his pulse point once more. "It's why I can't help doing this. Because of how it makes me feel... Like you’re calling to me... I've never felt this with anyone... And I just know it's only for me, isn't it?"

She then chuckled. "I'm being weird, huh?"

"You have always been pretty strange," Young said with a boyish grin.

She gave his forehead a light slap. He laughed with his mouth closed at the cute pout on her lips. His eyes turned serious as he gazed at her face. She had her eyes closed again, reveling in something only she seems to know.

"I think I know what you mean."

"You're just humoring me, aren't you?" She asked, her eyes still closed. A smile in her voice.

"I think I know my own heart."

Her eyes opened and she turned her head to him. "You're being weird."

They shared a laugh. His faded away as her finger traced a vein on his wrist. She lifted his hand up from where it lay on her pillow and tenderly pressed her lips on his pulse. And he knows she can feel how it's spiraling out of control right now.

Because it's her.

"Tell me what you feel," he whispered softly.

His right hand cupped her cheek as he moved closer. She nuzzled into his palm and the gaze full of love she gave him was his undoing. 

"How about I show you?" 

"Please..." His voice now raw with emotion. His eyes hungry and pleading for her.

The side of her lips lifted as she pressed another kiss. Her eyes never leaving his. And he sat up, devouring every moment as she left soft, open-mouthed kisses all the way up his arm and onto his chest. Lingering on his heart and then moving up his neck as she climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.

Their lips finally meet.

Kissing long and slow and deep.

Kissing for an eternity. 

And eternity still isn't enough.

"Can you feel it? Can you feel me...?" She asked, breath against his lips; running her fingers through his hair as he murmured her name huskily.

"Always..." He looked up at her, his right hand sliding up her back to her nape, fingers tangling in her hair. "Always..."



This OTP really has me under a ridiculous spell coz I never ever ever write fics with existing characters. It's just that I know I can never write them well. But for fluff and for the love of ES and CY sexy times, coz we may never get to see them onscreen, I broke. Lol. I'm sorry if I'm not a better writer though but CY's threat of electrocution made it impossible not to write. Lol. Yes, I blame CY. Coz you know he wants those sexy times.



Eun Soo kicked off her pumps and slipped into her favorite slippers. She headed straight for the kitchen to put down the bags of take-out and groceries. Placing them down on the counter, she went to shrugging off her coat, draping it on a stool.

"You are going to love the truffle pasta I've got. It won't be as good as eating it in the restaurant, but I know you're still a bit allergic to crowds and, well, we can wait to do that next time. You'll love the ambience there. It's so romantic. Not that you will notice it anyway. And oh, I've got us some wine as well and champagne coz I couldn't decide but the strawberries will be great with the champagne. And speaking of strawberries, I had a squabble with this ahjumma who wanted to cut the line in front of me, and she had a million things with her while I had but three items. I wouldn't have minded but she was really rude and ah, forget her and her atrocious perm. So how was your day? Have you spoken to-"

She felt his presence behind her. Standing so close, his chest was almost pressing into her back. A smile broke her lips and she turned around.

"Did you miss..." Her voice trailed off as she looked him up and down. She stared at him, eyes widening.

"You're half-naked."

The only things he has on him are the terry towel around his waist and the telltale blush on his cheeks. But despite the slight boyish shyness, he was gazing at her with a fire in his eyes.

She bit back the knowing smile, dragging her gaze back down and up, meeting his intense one.

"Are you trying to tell me something, Young?" 

He looked like he was struggling to come up with his answer. "Last night... Shower..."

"Yes... I do remember last night," she murmured; a thrill racing down her spine. She tried to take a steady breath. "What about it?"

Young wordlessly stepped closer to her. Trapping her between the counter and his body. His burning gaze never wavering.

"Shower. Now." His soft voice almost a caress. 

She bit her lip, wanting to tease him. "But the truffle-"

She gave a little squeal when he suddenly picked her up. Her legs wrapping around his waist, trying to steady herself. She looked down at him, hands on his shoulders.

"Shower now. Eating later."

A saucy smile broke on her lips. Her right hand moved up; fingers tracing the line of his jaw. She leaned down, close to his ear and whispered something before nipping his earlobe. His arms tightened around her at that.

He gave a smirk as she leaned back to look at him; his hooded gaze meeting hers, passion burning behind them. He then started to move, heading towards the direction of the bathroom, as Eun Soo leaned down to capture his lips, giggling into their kiss.

28 October 2012 @ 05:42 pm
The theme of the "heavy sword" has been emerging ever so strongly in the last few episodes of Faith.  I love Choi Young, I think he is such a deep character.  And his struggle and pain are so raw.  I wanted to devote this to him, the warrior.

Thanks, and if you like, please let me know.
Direct link to Vimeo https://vimeo.com/52352496
02 November 2012 @ 11:06 am

I saw this really great explanation on time travel that weaves together the practical and the spiritual together and really highlights the idea of FAITH.
Huge thanks to SH, who kindly allowed me to repost it here. (from Joonni's blog)

Time Travel:

Maybe this has been explained elsewhere or in the comments here already. But this is how I understand the concept, granted there are a few things unexplained. In chronological orders:

1) One fine night in 2012, Eun-soo gets kidnapped by Choi Young to Goryeo to heal Queen Noguk. This is where Ep. 1 begins.
2) Ep. 1 to 24 is Eun-soo first time traveling and living in Year 1350 Goryeo.
3) Toward the end of Ep. 24, Eun-soo goes back to Seoul to gather medical supplies to heal a frozen Choi Young.
4) After a quick gathering of medical supplies, she goes through the portal.
5) But the portal takes her 100 years back to Year 1250.
6) Immediately after she realizes she’s gone to the wrong time, so she goes back to the portal to try another time-travel. But the portal is already closed.
7) She stays in 1250. She presumably heals a lot of sick people of that era while waiting for another chance to go through the portal.
8) While in 1250, she also leaves clues so that the Eun-soo of 1350 will remember what to do. The writing in her diaries and leaving a message in the film canister.
9) She also has time to figure out time travel dates (maybe not exact times) but at least she knows, from her previous time travel calculations in 1350, what formula and calendar to use.
10) Once she is positive about a date, she prepares herself for another travel through the portal.
11) When she gets to the portal, it is not immediately opened. It takes an unwavering Faith that this time the portal will take her to the right place, only then the portal opens.
12) She goes through it. It brings her back to Seoul. In her voiceover, we hear about this memory, longing and connection that would make her meet him again. Unlike her first time-travel in Ep. 24, this time she doesn’t even glance over modern Seoul because nothing in her heart belongs to 2012.
13) After a mere second in Seoul, she goes back through the portal.
14) This time it takes her to 1355 and there she finds Choi Young.

It’s that simple. Time is linear (but circular). She didn’t have any memory of her time travel experience in Ep. 1 because she hadn’t gone anywhere yet. Those clues were left there because her future self in Ep. 24, who had experienced everything from Ep. 1-24, knew the dangers in 1350.

The items:

Surgical tools, diary and mini projector have some significance.

-Surgical tools are to reaffirm the legend of Hwata – an emphasis on Hwata being a myth, a story is told and exaggerated from generation to generation. The 1250 Eun-soo with her advanced medical skills obviously would make people notice and connect her to the legend of Hwata. The myth lives on and on, so that people like Jo Il-shin knows. JIS knows about Hwata’s myth in Ep. 1 and convinces the GM to ask Choi Young to go kidnap Eun-soo in 2012. The story comes full circle. I don’t think Eun-soo intentionally wants to perpetuate the myth of Hwata. It’s more like she’s a doctor and her duty is to save lives, which is very consistent with her character. So while waiting for the gate to open in 1250, she puts her skills to use. This is also where Son Yoo’s grandfather’s story comes in; she saves people who would have died without her 21st century medical skills. In essence, her one year’s stay in 1250 shapes history, like a butterfly effect.

-The diary. She knows from her 1350 self that this diary will play a significant role, so whatever she does with this diary in 1250, Ki Chul will have possession of it in 1350. From the content of the diary, we see some solar flare calculations, which is helpful for her to figure the date to retry time travel. Some notes about what will happen in 1350 based on her personal experiences – Choi Young using his frontal attack and Choi Young is trapped while rescuing the scholars. Eun-soo already has those memories, so she makes notes to herself knowing this diary will find her in 1350 eventually. Everything is circular in away.

-A message in film canister. Again from her 1350 memory, she knows that day Choi Young and her travel to the portal. Without that message, they would have gone to the border and waited there, and effectively everything after Ep. 19 would not happen. Noguk would be killed; the history of Korea would be changed and Choi Young would be left devastated like what is written in that message. So she writes that message in 1250, leaves it under a rock (remember her looking at a direction of where 1350, Eun-soo and Choi Young embrace). Things become circular where there is no beginning or end.

-The mini projector. This one is not directly related to saving Choi Young. It is symbolic to show that there are people waiting for her in 2012 – her mom and dad. When Choi Young asks her to stay, he mentions there are people at the other side waiting for her too, and their journey to the portal reiterates that point. She needs to say goodbye to her parents, to people who love her in 2012. A mini projector of her parents is a way of remembrance, of her saying “goodbye” figuratively. It also solidifies her faith in finding Choi Young. I suspect the reason she can’t get back to the right time initially is because she wavers a little bit. That voiceover about her lacking faith “that day” and her looking over modern Seoul show us that wavering commitment. Thus the portal takes her to the wrong time, to Year 1250. Once she says her “goodbye” to her parents, and putting full faith in finding Choi Young, the portal takes her the right time, to Year 1355.

The question of time and duration:

First time she gets back to Seoul, it seems she has been missing only for a few hours in “modern” time. I suspect when the fortune-teller tells her in Ep. 1, that she’ll be gone for a year, he is referring to her time in “Goryeo”.

But in Ep. 1, we see that Goryeo time seems shorter than modern time. My justification for that is that the portal is unpredictable; it is predicated on Faith and Destiny. Choi Young is destined to meet Eun-soo and take her back to Goryeo in time to save Noguk in Ep. 1.

In essence, the concept of time is intangible; it is dependent upon a person’s faith. It takes Eun-soo a year of traveling to find Choi Young, while daejang waits for her four years from 1350 Goryeo onward.

Eun-soo’s presence in the past is destined to shape the history of Korea that she and viewers know. She believes that Choi Young is alive because her traveling to modernity shows that modern Seoul is still the same, nothing is changed. If Choi Young dies that day, then it would have created a butterfly effect that would alter history.


The subbers for FAITH are really doing their job, not only are their translations of Korean to English absolutely wonderful, they are damn fast. Monday and Tuesday ep 13 and ep14 respectively were aired on Korean TV and we already have both eps timed, subbed and well I have watched them .... umnghhg arghghg'sigh'

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19 September 2012 @ 11:02 am

Omo!!! Ep12 of FAITH is shipper heaven!!!!!
SPOILERSCollapse )
I would be really put out if this drama turns out to be another LEGEND. I want my happy ending ... and I want it now for the rest of the twelve eps :P
18 September 2012 @ 11:00 am

*iz ded* Korean TV entertainment is pure crack ... either hilarious or it brings you to your knees. FAITH definitely goes into the latter category! Eps 10 and 11 kill me (ep11 - from yesterday is already out and subbed)!!!!
As dangermousie put it so fittingly: Choi Young and Eun Soo, even the bad guys are shipping you!
And how can you not ship a 14th warrior with a profound death wish who does everything to protect a 21st century doctor who in turn asks him to return with her to her timeline so he doesn't have to kill ppl anymore???!!! And then lying to him she doesn't need him anymore and him going all suicidal again ... OMG! Can't wait for ep12!!!
I just loved everything about ep10 and ep11 ... I don't know if it is intentional or not, but I love the fact that they from time to time use the bad guys as comic relief. Ki Cheol is hilarious when he tries to figure out something Eun Soo said (he is still thinking she cursed him with her 'Fuck Off').

And Nogook and Gongmin-ah!!! Make babies for Goryeo already!!!! That should be your highest priority right now (well that and getting rid of Ki Cheol).

I love that the ice warrior is gone, that he by instinct knows that Eun Soo is in trouble and he faces his enemies with a nonchalance that is both suicidal and brave. And Eun Soo slowly, almost unconsciously realizing that she has a very soft spot for our suicidal warrior and does everything (even lying to him) to protect him. You so need each other ... not only to get Eun Soo back to her time line but also to heal both of you. Choi Young, I wonder if you would ever forget Eun Soo's face - I doubt it.

This drama is so good! It has been a long time a Korean drama gripped me as this one, and a historical to boot. Heck any drama atm. Need to d/l it asap!